Immigration with doubt value…

Immigration is not a problem for any particular country but the whole world, if in and out movement is considered. Actually, it’s very problematic for governmental policy around the world including developed countries such as US and Japan. People immigrate for a better opportunity of life; similarly, in US, one common phrase is known as “American Dream”. Meanwhile, with a tragic history for the last few decades, Cambodia is also among unfortunate nations to experience this, but a proper strategy is rarely carried out until the crisis is happened for a while. Anyway, basic rule of life, nowhere is better than home because at least, we starve to death with a basic funeral preparation. More or less, as a human being, our own life is less valuable than our family members, if we are born with proper organisms. Basically, a decision to immigrate is an ultimate decision for conservative nation like Cambodia. By the way, I write this article with a wish to share an idea for a better us and a case of Cambodia would be discussed.

In fact, the major motivation of immigration is generally referred to financial problem and national security, while other factors such as health care and professional development come later for most developing nations. Specifically, a case of Cambodia, original point should be with people’ concept, as they normally consider foreign is better than local regardless of anything. This is a disaster concept leading to make a blind immigration, sometimes. So, what will be the best strategy to reduce a dangerous immigration? How to tackle an unemployment rate of a nation? Honestly, it’s a very difficult question, but a proper strategy might reduce the today problem and prepare for a better next generation.

First of all, natural resource is already not belong to the nation, while benefits are unequally shared among individuals. Furthermore, though technical training and small business have been encouraged by both public and private institutions, still quite problematic. Maybe, due to an unclear vision or a corruption, but it’s unnecessary to criticize in this short article. More importantly, training individual as realistic worker, and guide them to be an individual entrepreneur such as construction trainer, electronic maintenance (radio, TV, phone, etc) trainer, etc. Though not earning much, at least they don’t share any rate of unemployment. Can it solve all the problems of local unemployment? Absolutely not, as skillful workers are quite limited number or even less than 10 percent, I guess. So, what should we do with the left people? 2 points, encouraging new type of laboring projects such as tunnel, and railroad (Not encouraging something unnecessary, but usable project), as traditional ones cannot support anymore. Meanwhile, this new type of project would highly produce any new kind of business pattern. Unfortunately, we still need to emigrate people, but more professional ones for working abroad with proper contract. In fact, we can learn this procedure from Cambodian labor in Korea.

Secondly, to avoid any similar problem happened again, a proper training for individual young generation should be given such as professional training, concept of evolution, and discrimination of improper immigration. Honestly, it’s fairly challenging to talk about educational training, while Cambodia still has very limited access to education. However, physical education don’t need so much sophisticate strategy, as knowledge can be gained with an informally mutual interest (This required a virtual sample to make motivation). Encouraging more programs for practical result must be further hardship, but at least we are preparing a platform for a better us with a less trouble in the future.

Presently, it would be really difficult to put into practice, but stepping stone is needed for a further minor result or nothing can be done with similar nervous status again. A nation without a clear vision of human resource management will be sooner or later collapsed. Without doubt, even the most powerful man in the country is also pale (Not face), and still barely save their own family too. Honestly, I find it so hard to say, when people mentioned that your people works as beggars, lowest-level workers in xxx country. However, I would humbly reply that an efficient plan of countering with human traffic and working condition in my country is still improperly conducted yet. Anyway, a nation of pride is not to produce our own people as a new type of slave, but, at least an official worker (I mean the minimum standard.).

Thank you so much for your reading and I am looking forward to hearing your valuable feedback on my limited knowledge about immigration around the world; specifically, Cambodia.

Vutha PHAV


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Football for Everyone…

First of all, I am pretty sorry to write this specific article for those appreciate football (Soccer) as the second priority or even no. Anyway, world cup 2014 is coming and on the 12 of June is the first match between Brazil and Croatia. Besides a full mood with world cup like many people around the world, this article would also wish to share how football philosophy would also contribute to a strength and motivation of personality and team work. In fact, most people consider it as a sport, some people consider it as a game, limited number of people take it a profession. To me, football is platform for everyone. Though many popular sports are available, I still encourage young people to experience this kind of phenomenal sport for not only health, but also personal development (Economic growth depend on the character of nations–Edmud S. Phelps).

Without doubt, I am fan of football, but I do not take any specific league or country as the most serious. Maybe, I appreciate the culture of adaptation would give us more potential benefits, rather fix the target. Usually, I watch football not for goal, but highly technical skill with score and this is so fantastic. Great football team (Both league and country) do share common with strong team work and mutual interest for the success. This kind of philosophy is so important for young generations to improve their individual knowledge how unnecessary to develop autocratic development such as a case of Cambodia. Our young are not considered lazy yet, but they are driven in the wrong direction to work in team of play. Surely, most young Cambodian people are fan of football, but many of them do share a nature of enjoyment rather than learn the harmony of development together. This is my past mistake, as I used to play so much during early age. However, no one really care about your failure as people blame for your mistakes or dishonestly help you until you are down when successful. This is a failure of society while is completely reverse to the purpose of football.

Another important point of football to learn is to make use of flexible skills for unpredictable challenging problem such as free-kick, corner, one-two, back-heel, etc. This is pretty amazing idea of how highly professional people can come up an with practical skill with less than a second and properly deal with their teammate for a goal of their league or country. This is a pride of non individual, but include their fans. Since we are living in unpredictable environment, preparing to adapt maybe more necessary than got a single shot of failure, as everything will be gone. In case of Phnom Penh, I think we have many human resources prepared for better us, and they do share different skill with a strong passion of success. They lost in sea of unusable work or motivation. Honestly, it’s not necessary to blame people above us for our failure, though they are supposed to take all responsibility. So, what is your next stage? Do you think the next boss will consider a failure staff from irresponsible boss? Flexible skill of football can give us clear hint how complicated society can be, but people usually enjoy the show rather than toughness of footballer. I am pretty sure if you are footballer on the pitch you will say playing football is much tougher than you what you watch on TV; especially, if it is watched by hundreds of people or even lived around the world.

In fact, the nature of football can help us to realize the selfish of individual can destroy the whole team. This would give a serious shame to the league or even country. Learning from football is not limited to the points above, but I just wish to train my writing skill to these two points. I am not here to critically blame any individual for his or her personal development, but with a wish to share for better us. Footballer make a mistake and they will be pissed off or being reserved for next match. People individually play more role to alter the direction of the nation and the next will depend on the present and previous generation. Sarcastic blame or culture of dishonest help might do nothing, but self-destroying movement for a nation. Finally, please enjoy the great show of world cup and let guess together who will be world cup 2014 holder, though Prof. Stephen Hawking found a higher probability of England.

Thank you so much for your reading and I am looking forward to hearing for your feedback on my poor writing.

Vutha PHAV


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Greenery Education…

I love greenery nature and the mystery behind these trees can give a useful hint of how it would contribute to real life; maybe among them, education. Though I am not quite sure about any available applications yet, my basic idea is how the way of a specific plant can only grow within a specific region would reflect a vision of how prior education can be developed. It would be so difficult to apply nature to the way we live, but the purpose of this article is show an idea how to improve ourself; especially, limited education system in Cambodia. In this article, I would love to answer these 3 questions: What kind of nature can we apply to an educational system? How can it work in real life? What are the potential benefits behind the story of greenery education?

(This article is just an idea and not the final conclusion about how useful it can be used.)

In general, mango are expected to grow in Tropical region and cocoa bean (For coffee) in West Africa, though not all due to some other specific reasons. Anyway, I am not here to promote mango or cocao bean, but a kind of unique brand of their region and this can be very useful for high price of export. Specific case of Cambodia, plant, fruit, and rice within a particular region are more famous due to some special factors such as climate, land, water resource, etc. This would lead them to be so special and even build a national brand. However, I plan not to go deeper, as I am not an agriculture expert to validate quality of any plant, but with a wish to make use this basic concept of nature to build better education in Cambodia.

It apparently looked very strange concept, so can we build a computer department by applying tangerine tree from Battambang province? This is pretty clear that an indirect concept of how to make use nature for education. For example, if a particular school can provide a clear vision of their school perspectives such as technological, social, or politics school rather than school of everything, this would be more valuable. However, it’s pretty tough to invest a school of particular domain and even me, I am also hesitate to play with my bank account (I am not rich). But, if we move a bit broader thinking, what if a school is belong to particular community (Province, district, or any possibly potential region) with a strong base on a specific domain, this might be possible. Meanwhile, this kind of community school can provide a visionary education to compete with private school known as rich. However, how can we determine educational perspectives of a community? In case of limited education of Cambodia, how does the community build a visionary school? Can Kandal province build a humanoid robot research institute? This is sure to me, not possible yet, if we don’t continue to ask more questions ahead of them. Science is basic of engineering and technology and statistics can show how particular region is more related to science rather social science for economics, politics, etc. To this point, we need to ask more questions such as which community should be the first trial? what kind of expectation of trial? who will be the main contribution of this community school?

In fact, it would be nearly impossible to apply prior concept of individual nature to education system, but it’s just an idea how to build an autonomous and unique education of particular institution rather than school with everything. The morality behind my greenery education has only two: Nature of Love and Education of Appreciation. People will base on the natural principle to move forward with their life within community school and these people will help to bring a peace of nature to alter the complex life as we have known for more than 2000 years. Finally, I am not here to prove my final conclusion about my greenery education, but just a hope to share my limited knowledge of education after riding my bicycle along rice field near my campus this evening. I am pretty sure more works are needed to discuss, but without basic idea, we can’t even think about next questions.

Note: If this idea is overlapped with the readers or other references, please kindly let me know, as I got an idea when I ride my bicycle in the greenery area near my school.

Thank you so much for your reading and I am looking forward to hearing your valuable advice.

Vutha PHAV

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An Epi plus Genomics for Computational Life…

I am not biomedical research and not even have a single chance for genomic experiment. However, I am a kind of bioinformatic technician with a wish to understand our basic of life with information processing. As technological research is evolved with information (Computer), many innovative procedures for understanding traditional disease have been dramatically influenced on our life such as protein-3D interaction, mystery of genomic function, variant genomics for disease, cancer regulator, etc. Actually, only great mind of insomnia scientists have tirelessly share their passion for a better us and the understanding of various domains is necessary to draw a comprehensive map of our life. However in this short article, a specific and interesting story of EpiGenomics is discussed with a wish to share my limited knowledge to young people for basic knowledge.
(For senior and junior, please help me to correct my mistakes, if I fail to produce concrete meaning within my writing. Thank you!)

Maybe, talking about sequence (nucleotides), people usually come up with “ATCG”, though people normally don’t pay attention too much to their pattern distribution, and frequency, but I am not here to persuade all people to learn sequence pattern. Actually, we do share almost the same sequence among 7 billion people. However, why do African people has darker skin, but not for Japanese people? Why one family has a particular genetic disease such as breast cancer, but not for his or her neighbor? What are the factors that make us unique among 7 billion people on earth? EpiGenomics can basically answer above questions and two cases will be shown in this short article.

Though we share almost complete the same, but what made us different can be altered by regulatory elements inside nucleus and I call this stuff controller. This is so potential to influence the pattern of gene regulation for protein and life as we have known. This kind of phenotype can be simply explained by single a keyword: EpiGenomics. Epi in Greek means above, then if plus genomics, above genomics known as basic of our life. Do we really know all controllers in our life machine? Why don’t we stop them before igniting cancerous phenotype? First, though protein play so important role in gene regulation, but genomics itself share the same position. Unfortunately, only 10% (Maybe more by this time, but I don’t know) percent of functional genomics can be understandable with epigenomics, and comparative genomic (Still more) contributed by many leading scientists such as Prof. Manolis Kellis, George Church, Prof. Gos Micklem, etc. Actually, investigating a single regulatory elementary for disease is not difficult, but while interaction among other controllers, this system will be so complicated or even fail to produce accurate result. Only statistical result can be shown as a potential candidate and computational biology is a very powerful strategy to integrate this kind of biological data.

The limited understanding about disease is not restricted to biological experiment, but computational work. It might be ridiculous to say how can computational work contribute to error of disease prediction? Is it possible for 1+1 to produce different result between Asia and Europe? Can we trust computer to investigate computational biology data? Understanding a single disease is complicated and not single laboratory or nation can solve everything. It’s a kind of cooperation among international laboratories through different data protocol and it does not mean protocol of a particular laboratory is lower than another. In fact, all them are very high standard. However, when the biological data integrated by computational pipelines to understand disease became unclear in specific regions. These regions might share some meaning for other type of disease, though less likely for the present investigation. It’s quite tough to integrated biological data from various laboratories around the world as they followed their cutting-edge research procedures and only very limited number of people perceive all protocol. Then, it’s even more challenging for bioinformatics developers, but leading scientists have struggled to break this point by suggesting all researchers to produce a common data format such as fasta, sra, etc. I personally think it’s still quite challenging, as investigating sequencing is really associated with a particular algorithm (computational tool) and nearly impossible to understand by only downloading data.

Biology is a very complicated field, and we have to continuously learn them from basic in order to know ourselves much better. Particularly, in the case of Prof. Manolis, he integrated epigenomics, comparatives genomics and genomic circuit for new functional study. It’s an interesting story to understand life inside us. A knowledge of multidisciplinary domain (Information processing and biological experiment, Physics, and even more) is very necessary to answer many basic questions of disease for future generations with a better healthcare and only today people can prepare for the next. Though I completely share this passion, I am still NOT optimistic about my works to contribute to a better life of us, but commitment is never down yet.

Thank you so much for your reading time and I am looking forward to hearing from your valuable advice.

Vutha PHAV

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An alternative idea of an indigenious traffic control…

Facebook provides the most dominant interconnect community, Google supports the largest database search engine, while LinkedLn share the most professional network around the world. I am not here to encourage our young people to create visionary company like them, but considering about making use of any intelligent solutions with amazing database system to support poor infrastructure of transportation and Cambodia would be a case of my discussion. First of all, I am not sure it’s a new idea (I got idea from investigation a few famous technological service such as Facebook, Jorudan, LinkedIn, Cambodia transportation, etc.), but just an idea of mine, as our world is too big to guarantee anything first. Anyway, can we control people’s mind through computerized communication? What kind of information do we need? How can computer illiterate access information in the database? This is ludicrous idea, though I also share with your impression.

If you arrive in Phnom Penh, your first impression of our historical capital is the great number of motorcycle regardless 2-or 3-wheeler vehicles and cars. Especially, in the morning and evening, though apparently a sign of national development, stuck road has no meaning of an economical development, as people need to work on time. Actually, both government and non-government sectors already did many amazing works to solve these problems such as road safety rule, road education, transportation policy, etc. It’s still a challenging problem, I think. How can indirect methods make a better us? In this short article, 2 cases of investigation is raised to consider about information processing.

Firstly, if we can build a map of interconnecting all possible target in the community, people would gain more confident about their neighborhood’s networking flow such as distance, traffic rate (traffic jam and accident), taxi driver, etc. People would know everything in their hand without even spending gas and make a stressful traffic on the stuck road. Though it’s quite challenging among computer illiterate, but today people are smart enough to understand simple symbol designed by indigenous designers. In fact, my present strategy is to make people have more accessible information throughout simplified interface and database map of target for future information processing.

Secondly, as I mentioned above, people’s information such as map, decision, contact, judgment is managed within computer system. Under any proper models, taxi driver or any other type of transporters would gain a lot of benefits through alternative business at home or within their community (I wish not to distract the whole paragraph by analyzing what kind of business should they do at home or in their community) or transferring business. Then, candidate people would be able to make a proper decision and are capable to make any alternative directions within their hand before even attempt with any unnecessary movement.

I acknowledge many talent transportation researchers might accept it as impossible solution, maybe, because their research interest are more related to infrastructure impact. Honestly, I am not transportation researcher, but a curious learner with a wish for better us. I really appreciate all of your critiques to narrow domain of my poor knowledge. Finally, I expect for an intelligent transportation solution and it’s capable enough to beyond the 2 factors above.

Thank you so much for your valuable time and I am looking forward to hear your valuable feedback.

Vutha PHAV

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A ridiculous education of nowhere…

(Please calm down before finishing this short article.)

I am alumni of Santhormok High School. I think this school is so popular as it’s located in the city centre and not so far from major local prestigious universities. However, in this article, I am not trying to promote my past high school, but with a wish to share some personal experience as a past 17-year-old boy with a fresh baccalaureate in a community of unclear vision, but to move forward. More specifically, this article is not written for an absolute criticism, but a kind of sharing my personal experience on how to fight for our own destiny within a ridiculous education of unacknowledged status.

After grade-12 examination, maybe you might usually heard some common questions such as how is your examination? Can you write a lot? When will your examination’s be released? etc. To me, a kind of stressful boy to answer many questions and education of know how is never taught at school and even at home, as I am the oldest. In fact, I usually said “Maybe Ok or don’t know too”. With a grade D (98.504%) in 2002, it’s still pretty tough to be automatically admitted in the local top universities, though still made 4. Honestly, I didn’t know what kind of major should I choose? what’s kind of job with this major? and did I really like it? To be absolutely honest, I really have no idea. So, was it the mistake of mine, my parent, family members, school, government or even whole nation? I wish not to give any single blame on specific one, but a kind of intermixed share. I think most of Cambodian baccalaureate students would more or less still share some pressure of this feeling, though I am pretty sure you guys are smarter than my generation after successful examination.

In case of unfortunate students as mine, I just wish to share my limited experience how to figure it out and to lift yourself up. Choosing major is pretty tough decision, but in fact what you really do in the society might not be related to your study at all. However, you have to made a decision, and I would recommend you think about Engineering, but not science or social skill. We already had too many managers with jobless and the present financial support for scientific research is quite limited to support all young scientists, though we can encourage for a limited number of challenging people. Engineering major such as civil, mechanical, computer would focus more practical experience and would give you more chance to create your own business after years of works, this does not need business degree, I think. Knowledge of foreign language is so important not during your class, but during your volunteering program, part-time or full-time job. English should be the first and proficient, though Chinese, Korean or Japanese are also encouraged later.

Take an opportunity for abroad study, we are living in a self-called standard education, but fortunately, we are supported with many international scholarships as you can directly apply through ministry of education youth and sport. However, scholarships are not just limited to above suggestion, but knowledge of online search is so important to challenge a global scale for a chance. While applying foreign scholarship, you should make use of your education at present institute, or home (in case of not being admitted, but ask relatives, friends, etc.) to upgrade your knowledge of interest. During your application, I believe your major decision would be more confident. However, this kind of knowledge might not be available to anyone known as lazy people and prepare to experience a ridiculous education of nowhere again. If you keep trying, chance is increased and this rate of success can not be calculated by anyone, but only yourself to determine the destiny.

In technical term, I am also student surrounded by hard-working people and I think I have no chance to catch even their single leg. However, I keep learning with a wish to lift up my own identity. I always hope our Cambodian young people make much better than me with extraordinary capability and share your knowledge of wisdom to younger ones for a better us. I actually saw many talent people already, but I plan not to raise in this short article. I ponder the more you share, the more you learn and no one can catch you up only if you stop yourself. Please keep listening any idea (bad and good) such as economics, society, politics, science, technology, and engineering to improve your knowledge of know how to eradicate the ridiculous education of nowhere and help yourself and community.

Thank you so much for your priceless time and I am looking forward to hearing your valuable advices on my limited knowledge.

Vutha PHAV


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An intriguing genomes for medical evolution…

Napoleon Bonaparte dies of stomach cancer after the battle of Waterloo. However, the purpose of this article will not describe the fabulous history of general Napoleon, but to give a basic evolutionary knowledge of genetic disease such as stomach cancer, completely unidentified in the 19 centuries, can be specifically explained with human sequence. It is promised as the fundamental treatment of future diagnose of genetic disease such as breast cancer, Parkinson, etc. Why is it necessary to know about human sequence? Is there any application for medical treatment? What can we use with human genome sequence to say both about past and future? Actually, I am not a member of human genome project, finished on April 2003, but a curious computer science learner and always have a wish to hack the mystery of human genome for better world with lower or rate of critical disease. If I make mistake on biological assessment, please help me to correct my mistake with your genuine knowledge.

Without doubt, this 3-billion-dollar project with 10 years for a map of human genomic is really useful for medical evolution, as it leads us to understand many basic questions about what building us. The mystery behind “ACGT” is so interesting as it comprises of us and make us sick, healthy, kind, stressful, etc. Then, a better understanding of nucleotide association is really necessary to solve many myths about genetics disease. About 3 billion of nucleotides has been published in 2003, but is it finished yet? Actually, not 100% completely yet. More complicated questions are continuously raised such as what is the different genomics among individual? What kind of variation (SNPs, Mutation, etc) is associated with disease or healthy? It’s quite complicated, I think. if you just say “ACGT”, but what if you turn 4 nucleotides into 3 billion nucleotides and apparently to someone as random and clumsy letters. Leading scientists (Biology, Chemistry, Medicine, Computer, etc.) say this what we want. In fact, this is so useful, but we can not understand well enough yet as to develop evolutionary medicine for individual yet and only intelligent algorithm can solve this biological textbook of life.

In term of medical application, I would better say it’s still a basic research, though some have been tried in a real life such as a case of Nick Volker with rare disease diagnosed by DNA sequence. Medical doctors already proved individual application of single patient, and lift up our knowledge of medicine for treating disease. Sure, this is not limited to medical journey, but more fields such as livestock, energy source, ethical origin, etc. Meanwhile, with the great support of computer, human genomic sequence has been stored in database and continuously update every 3 months. More importantly, we are allowed to access and download data with the purpose of research without any charge. A specific case of mind, I work human DNA sequence published by ENCODE consortium and mapped them on different version of human genome for standard database model of particular protein and by doing so, this would also give an opportunity to work on motif pattern discovery, sequence distribution over the whole genome. This is so exciting how a completely medical data fell in the hand of curious computer learner with a zero background of biological experiment.

Honestly to say, a deeper step we move, a more complicated question will be raised. However, at least, we try to make a better world through outnumber of insomnia, stress, depress, tiredness, etc. Sure, I used to think about why I spend so much time on such a tedious work or I should find a job as a translator with my foreign language or work as street computer maintenance with my computer input and output skill. However, this is a motivational training of a poor and tough guy to challenge for my own identity and a wish to push my juniors and needed people for better us.

Thank you so much for your reading and I am looking forward to hearing your valuable advise to correct my article.

Vutha PHAV

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